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Our Work

The founder of The Main Street Greenery- Brooke Tahir and Full timer/shareholder Kaye Keily have participated in their fair share of projects and community services, which have shaped how The Main Street Greenery operates and our values and mission. 

Our Values:

Everyone appreciates the strengths of another with no superior judgment and the next generation understands how important sustainability and gardening is as a skill for our future. 

Our Mission: 

To serve community members of all abilities through creative workshops and mentoring to assist them in feeling one with the broader community and increase confidence. 

Also by visiting community groups, schools and kindergardens educating them on how to reuse food scraps, harvest seeds, treat seeds, what to plant with what in the veggie gardens, why this is good for climate change etc. 

-We are all unique and have our own talents and purpose.

NDIS participants can come gain retail experience with us too!

We welcome those on the NDIS network wanting, or wanting to improve their job skills to come and work with us under skills development.

We can assist in the following skills and create a reference at the end when you feel ready.

 - Plant growing and propagation, 

- Retail experience and training, 

- Working with children in workshops (Creative, Science, Parties etc) (will need WWCC, police check and  have suitability.

-Marketing and accounts, 

-Nursery maintenance and attendant. 

This is on-the-job skill development and people are trained with the utmost understanding and care around individual abilities. 

Please contact me if you or a client would be interested.



Sustainability in Schools

If there is one place to spread awareness about our future and how to save it, it is within schools and kindergarten directly to young people!

We get food scraps from second bite or the canteens that were going in the bin, we extract the seeds, treat the seeds, learn how to tell a good seed from a bad seed and also talk about how and when to plant and harvest. By doing this in schools we can help feed families within schools going through a hard time, save schools money in their canteens,, teach children vital skills for their future (especially if our economy suffers), and by planting we help our health and climate change. 


Great minds

This project helps steer people away from the cover of the book and become more in-depth with people with physical disabilities, mental health conditions, or those on the ASD spectrum.

We aim to work with these people allowing free creative rein in our workshop and building rapport to allow us to identify new interests and skills. Following on we begin confidence building.

Brooke ( founder and independent NDIS support) also suffers from a disability but presents as able-bodied and not only creatively works with people but also mentors them by sharing positive outcomes, building stepping stones with them, and sharing a positive attitude. 

No job for us is too big or too small, we believe each person has potential, positivity, and a story to spread, we just need to unlock it. 

"Let everyone be whom they wish to be."

Collecting Money


$1 from you to us to people in need

$1 from each transaction at The Main Street Greenery and Fairy Kingdom, we aim to make a monthly donation to the Mornington Community Centre towards helping those in need in emergency situations. The need for help is increasing with not enough support from the government and other places to meet the demand.  Every $1 helps.


Business mentoring to those on the ASD spectrum and other abilities. 

Different people on various parts of the spectrum have very different needs, abilities, and desires when it comes to employment. We meet people who have what we call "superpowers" and are highly talented and could be making their own wages by applying their talents and being able to work from home, this is somewhat of a necessity for some. Brooke teaches people how, even if we have a disability there is nothing to stop us from still having success and applying ourselves if this is what we wish to do. Building confidence is a huge part of this, therefore there are initiatives through the store including but not limited to "Bens Buzziness" terrariums and succulent gardens and "Brooby Tuesdays" retro women's clothing. Ben has mental illnesses including schizophrenia and has found great therapy and talent in making terrariums and Rubes another client has amazing talent in cosplay but we would love to build their confidence around business processes. We would love your support. 

This is a CORE NDIS charge through our business and is life-changing for those ready to work with their disability.

Woman with Amputee Using Laptop
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