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Brooke Tahir is a talented tutor/ skills development coach located in Mornington, VIC.

Brooke graduated with a Biomedical Science degree with majors and has a passion for teaching and learning. 


Brooke has two children and is on the ASD spectrum. Brooke specialises in tutoring all abilities and has a deep understanding of different learning techniques and teaching delivery, ensuring all students comprehend their teachings before moving on as every foundation is vital in the future. 

Brooke has received several awards for her work including nomination for Young Australian of the Year and an award from Federation University Ballarat for inclusion and diversity. 

Brooke started tutoring with The Smith Family on a volunteer basis helping disadvantaged students and spent COVID-19 lockdown tutoring children for free to assist parents who were still having to work but had students attending school online. 

Brooke occasionally can subcontract tutors if she is fully booked but all have a high understanding of all abilities teaching and are mostly teaching students in their final years. 

Brooke harvests a range of degrees, diplomas and certificates including but not limited to: 




-Biomedical Science, 

- Personal Training, 

-Natural Medicine, 

-Sports Medicine, 

- Horticulture. 

Under some circumstances, NDIS participants can attend tutoring in the form of education support, skill development, or other if approved. 

Brooke can travel in the daytime to your home or she can tutor online or in person when not booked out after school. Brooke offers incursions to schools in many STEM subjects which have been a great success and often travels to home-school groups to deliver educational workshops.








Brooke is located near Bentons Square in Mount Martha VIC or online and tutors from K to year 12 and some university subjects depending on the request, some of which include:

-Meth Methods,

-Specialist Math, 

- Math (all years), 







-Business studies, 

-Legal studies, 

-Psychology (High school), 

-Anatomy and physiology, 

-Sports Science/ PE/ outdoor studies, 

-Primary school core subjects, 

-UNI LEVEL: Biology, Math, Report writing, Essay writing, Biochemistry/ Organic Chemistry, Pathophysiology, and others upon request.  

Brooke also runs mentoring (disadvantaged or troubled youth), mentoring (indigenous), and mentoring (business planning and developing) sessions which are one on one.  

All sessions are capped at $60 per hour payable on the day unless NDIS funded. 

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